Official translation of school records for University Admissions

If you are applying for admission to a University in Sweden, or in Anglo-Saxon countries, like the UK, the US, Canada, or Australia, you may receive an e-mail like this during the admission process:

“While reviewing your University Application documents, our Admissions Office noted that the documentation of your high school qualifications is not complete. To complete your documentation as required, please provide the following document with its translation:

  • Your transcript of high school grades (related to all upper secondary years) in Italian (the original language)
  • The official translation of your transcript of high school grades (related to all upper secondary years)”

What is an official translation?

Official translation means that the translation must be completed by a translation agency, or a professional who works as a translator (freelance translator). Please note that you cannot translate your own documents. The translator can then certify the translation, providing you with a certified translation. If you are requested a sworn translator, the translator can swear the translation at the Court where they are registered. Speakando can provide sworn translations in Italy at the courts of Rome and Bari, by translating official documents into Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

If you need an official translation:

If you need an official translation from English to Italian, French to Italian, Spanish to Italian, Portuguese to Italian and vice versa, please send a scan copy the documents you need to translate to for a quote, and specify what language you need the documents to be translated. If you need further information, you may also write or call +39 333 6841 604.