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Would you like your literary work to reach an international audience? Do you need to translate a novel, a collection of poetry or tales, a newspaper article or an essay? Do you need to send an extract from your book to a foreign publishing house, to let them assess your work for prospective publication?

Traduzione letteraria a Roma
Presentazione del libro Altavisione di Matteo Benedetti e Alessio Dimartino 11/01/2020 – Traduzione in inglese a cura di Silvia Cicciomessere

Here you can find a professional Literary Translation service into Italian from English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. For extracts, abstracts and short publications, the Literary Translation Service is also available from Italian into English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Speakando’s Translations:

Altavisione, by Matteo Benedetti and Alessio Dimartino, Italian-English bilingual edition available on

Sorrento Style Magazine, the tourist information magazine of the Sorrento Coast, English-Italian bilingual edition, available on

Expo 2015, Edizioni SEI Publisher, information guide on Expo Milan 2015, out of print.

Publications and Literary Awards:

Playwriting of the theatre comedy Tirocini da Galera, on stage at the Manhattan Theatre in Rome, Italy, from May 13th to 18th, 2014.

Publication of the short essay Quale Frankenstein fa paura?, within the collection of essays titled Chi ha paura dei classici?, 2007, BUR, RCS Libri Publisher.

Short story titled Maja, finalist at the II Edition of the Zanichelli Literary Award, finalist at the VII Edition of the Elsa Morante National Literary Award, 2006.

Poetry collection titled Sessanta secondi, finalist at the VI Edition of the Elsa Morante National Literary Award, 2005.

Publication of the novel for teenagers Quando si rincorre l’orizzonte, 2005, La Riflessione Davide Zedda Publisher.

To request a literary translation service in Rome in Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, please contact or call +39 3336841604. Professionalism and maximum attention to deadlines.

Silvia Cicciomessere

AITI Associate Translator
Master’s Degree in Conference Interpreting