FAQ – Differences Between Translation Review and MTPE

Do you know Machine Translation Post-Editing?

  1. Do you work with MTPE, and which CAT tool do you use for it?
    I work in MTPE by using MemoQ.
  2. Can you tell us the differences between translation review and MTPE?
    In MTPE you cannot rely on the human judgment of a human translator, so you have to double check everything. Particular attention must be paid to any external references or idioms, because a robot does not have a taste for the language and is not always able to tell between two possible meanings of a term. 
  3. In which domains do you work with MTPE?
    Software and app localization, instruction manuals, any text that has lots of repetitions.
  4. What challenges do you face in MTPE?
    Staying focused and paying attention to the little changes in source between one string and another, because I mainly work on very repetitive texts with MTPE.