Civil Wedding in Rome – What Happens if the Bride and Groom are Late?

For those who wish to get married in Rome and celebrate their civil wedding at the Vignola Mattei hall, please bear in mind the time scheduled for the wedding in order to be on time.

What Happens if the Bride and Groom are Late?

That’s exactly what happened last week with a couple from Argentina who asked for my interpreting service for their wedding in Rome. Once upon a time it was a sunny November afternoon on the date the bride and groom had planned to get married in Rome, but then they got stuck in the traffic because of a demonstration at the Circus Maximus and they were late for their own wedding.

What happens in that case? Various weddings and civil unions are celebrated every day at the ancient and splendid Vignola Mattei hall in Rome, one every half an hour. In the evenings, the closing time of the hall is 7 PM, and the last civil wedding is generally celebrated at 6 PM. Therefore, if a couple who was scheduled to get married at 4 PM arrives more than ten minutes later, the other couples move on and the time of the wedding is postponed to 6:30 PM, just before the closing time of the Vignola Mattei hall.

Will the interpreter stay until the new scheduled time?

Absolutely. The interpreter shall stay, because having an interpreter at the civil wedding in Rome is compulsory if the bride and groom do not speak Italian. What’s more, even if just one of them does not speak the language, the interpreter is still needed and must be there for the ceremony.

What’s the interpreter’s rate for a civil wedding in Rome?

The interpreter’s rate for a civil wedding must necessarily take into account any possible delay due to the hall management or the wedding couple themselves. Therefore, the quote must be calculated for half a day of interpreting service, or at least two hours, because no in-person interpreting service can be calculated for just half an hour of actual translation service. The interpreter, as a professional, shall be available for any need, including a last-minute change of schedule. Why? Because this must be the happiest day in your life, and it would not be nice if it turned into a nightmare.

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