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Do you need an interpreter to accompany a guest during a trade fair, diplomatic negotiation, or a business meeting?

Here you can find a Liaison Interpreting Service in Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

Liaison Interpreting SSLMIT Forlì
1000 Youth for Peace, Bastia Umbra, Italy, September 2011 – SSLMIT Liaison Interpreters for the Delegation of 46 guests from Arab Countries

With Liaison Interpreting, the interpreter accompanies one or more speakers during a meeting, and translates both ways, to and from the languages spoken in the dialogue. Since the interpreter is seated at the table of negotiations, Liaison Interpreting is not a mere translation but it also includes cultural mediation.

Liaison Interpreting is largely employed both in commercial settings and in the Diplomatic World. For instance, this method applies to meetings between politicians, or press interviews. It is also widely applied to cases in which mediation for immigration is needed, as well as in hospitals, health centres, or refugee camps. In the latter cases, the interpreter is also known as Community Interpreter.

In the case of a Trade Fair, the interpreter accompanies the buyer at the various stands, to facilitate commercial negotiations with exhibitors. The interpreter translates to and from the buyer’s language, switching from one language to the other as the conversation between the buyer and the exhibitor goes on.

Remote Liaison Interpreting Services are also available, both over-the-phone and in video conference mode, through the Ablio platform.

To request a Liaison Interpreting Service in Rome in Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, please contact or phone +39 333 68 41 604. Availability to travel all around Italy and Europe.


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Silvia Cicciomessere

AITI Associate Translator
Master’s Degree in Conference Interpreting