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Speakando’s new website is finally online, and I am looking forward to telling you about all the new features. I may describe the new site in three words: clear, user-friendly, and updated.

Firstly, I want this website to be clear. The services offered are explained in the home page and meet the most frequent requests received by Speakando. Do you need an interpreter for a congress? Do you have to translate an official document or your website? Do you want to organize a language course for your company? You will be directed to the section of your interest, where you can compare the various options and find what you need. For instance, if you don’t know whether you need a liaison or consecutive interpreter, just browse the various sections. You will find examples of situations in which you need one interpreting mode or the other.

As for graphics, Speakando’s website is now more consistent and well-organized for the presentation of its contents. It’s easier to read through its pages. And what if you still don’t want to read them? No worries, you can now listen to theam instead. At the top of each page there is now a Play Audio button. Just click it and I will read the page for you.          

Finally, as you have probably already noticed by reading this page, I have added a news section to keep you updated about the new initiatives and activities. I will be able to let you know when a new literary or translation contest is launched, and I will tell you about the new and interesting things I learn about my job and other interpreters’ work.

This is a moment of great change, and the worldwide emergency we are going through inspires everyone to take a step towards change. I would have never thought that I would have so much time and silence around me to think about how I wanted to improve the services I offer. Here we are, though.

For all services, visit Speakando’s Home Page

Article by Silvia Cicciomessere, Interpreter and Translator in Rome