The key features of the new software version SDL Trados 2021

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Fast-paced innovation is key for becoming more agile and flexible at work, as the current situation requires. I attended a training organized by SDL Trados for the launch of the new software version, SDL Trados 2021, and I would like to share with you the new things awaiting us.

The key features of the new Trados 2021 aim at granting: flexibility, productivity, customized software, and peace of mind.

Facing new challenges in terms of content means taking into account the new trend towards Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, company digitalisation, and the consequent need for Data Protection, as regulated by the GDPR. Furthermore, we are shifting towards the fragmentation of content to be translated by various outsourcers for the same organization and, as a result, there is a stronger need for consistency of the terminology used by various translation agencies serving the same client.

There are ever more channels to distribute the new and larger amount of content, and each channel requires adjustment in the content itself. Speeding up the translation project is necessary to maximize the productivity of the companies that want to launch their products on different national markets at the same time. A series of questionnaires that have been conducted over the last year at international level show that, unlike what we might have feared, demand for translation services is rising and is ever more diversified. This has been caused especially by the increase in localisation of websites and mobile apps. There are not enough linguists to cover the new demand. On the other hand, however, there is higher pressure to reduce rates and to prevent delays in delivery, while the quality requirements have stayed the same.

Therefore, we need to shift to an ‘intelligent’ approach for content localisation, combining ‘intelligent’ translation with human translation, to provide content that is not only quick, but also customized and quality-oriented. The 1,400 linguists employed at SDL, in synergy with the tech team, have tried to optimize the content supply chain with the new product Trados 2021.

Notes taken by the interpreter and translator Silvia Cicciomessere, from the SDL Trados Virtual Roadshow.