Results of the 2015 Edition:

First Prize: João Cerqueira Delgado. Prize: 30 hours of language course on Skype

Second Prize: Antonio Giordano

Third Prize: Stefano Paradiso


Speakando has launched the second edition of its European Literary Competition for articles, essays and short stories, on the following topic:

“A European home”

aiming at raising awareness among European Citizens on the need to feel at home in Europe and to find an identity for the European culture.

In the aftermath of the devastation of the Bernini’s fountain at the Spanish Steps in Rome, happening during what was supposed to be a sports event, we are wondering if intercultural dialogue in Europe is really working or not. Long ago, when the ancient Olimpic Games were played, all wars in Greece stopped to preserve the holy event. After 2000 years, however, the idea of respecting our “home” and feeling part of our European culture seems in need of a restoration.

We invite all participants to express their point of view, through an article, a short essay or a short story.

The topic can obviously be freely interpreted, as long as the composition meets the following requirements:

  • It must be unpublished neither on paper nor on the internet
  • It must have a length comprised between 300 words and 1840 words.
  • It must be written in one of the following languages: English, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese.
  • It must not contain any abusive, offensive or discriminatory language.

The compositions that do not meet the above mentioned requirements will be not accepted by Speakando.


The compositions must be sent by May 31st, 2015 – h: 7 p.m.

The selection result will be published on and the winners will be awarded by June 30th, 2015.


All European citizens living in the EU can participate in this literary competition.

  • Compositions must be sent by email in doc, docx or odt format at
  • Each author must also send in attachment the scanned copy of the registration form, completed and signed, in pdf or jpeg format.
  • Each participant must pay a 10 € registration fee by bank transfer.
  • Each author can send one or more compositions by paying the registration fee just once.

All compositions will be immediately published in the same order in which they are delivered, on, indicating the author or his/her nickname, so that all participants are known. The participants transfer their copyrights to Speakando for the publication on the internet. The competition has only one section, comprising three literary genres: article, short essay and short story.


The registration fee is 10 € and must be paid by bank transfer to the following recipient:

Account holder: Silvia Cicciomessere

Bank Name: Webank Gruppo Banca Popolare di Milano Società Cooperativa a.r.l.

Bank Address: Via Massaua, 4 – 20146 Milano (Italy) / Piazza F. Meda 4 – 20121 Milano (Italy)

IBAN: IT10R0558401795000000032045


Reason for payment: Registration of NAMESURNAME to the Speakando 2015 European Literary Competition


Speakando will select the winners by evaluating the compositions for their originality, expressivity, ability to catch attention, and language correctness. The winners will be notified by email or telephone.

The panel of judges is composed as follows:

Silvia Cicciomessere Interpreter, Translator and Director of Speakando

Lilia Carmen Natilla Psychiatry Professor at the Univeristy of Bari

Laura Fabiola Castellani Business English teacher and winner of the I Edition of the Speakando

European Literary Competition.

The Speakando literary competition is a self-funding initiative, which means that the more the participants, the higher the prizes to be awarded, as explained in the following:

From 1 to 14 participants 1st Prize: online 30-hour language course on Skype, to be chosen among the following languages: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and English.
From 15 to 24 participants 1st Prize: 100 euros
From 25 to 34 participants 1st Prize: 200 euros
From 35 to 54 participants 1st Prize: 300 euros
From 55 to 104 participants 1st Prize: 500 euros
From 105 to 154 participants 1st Prize: 1000 euros
More than 154 participants 1st Prize: 1000 euros
2nd Prize: 500 euros

The participants’ number and list, along with their compositions, will be published on and they will be updated every week, starting from the second week of March, until the last week of May 2015. Those who have payed the registration fee but have been eliminated for lack of requirements, will be counted in the number of participants funding the awards.

The winners of previous editions are invited to participate in the panel of judges of future editions.

In order to avoid any conflict of interest, all collaborators, friends and relatives of Speakando can participate for free in a hors concours “sponsoring section”.

Download the registration form 

Silvia Cicciomessere

AITI Associate Translator
Master’s Degree in Conference Interpreting